Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here's kids for ya!

So my son has been doing a really good job at the going potty thing by himself. No more having to clean his pants every day...
So the other day he is going potty and I asked him what was taking so long. He says "Mommy I am wipin my butt" I said "Why baby, do you need help?" "No mommy I like to wipe my butt!". So of course he gets candy for that one!
But lately he has become a little too independent... I was downstairs watching TV and he had gone upstairs because he wanted to go potty upstairs. About 5 minutes later he is screaming hysterically, so i run upstairs as fast as I can... I try to open the door but he has locked it so I use my nail get it open and step into.... water. He had flooded my toilet. And he, as he has always been, is VERY afraid of his own poopy... So needless to say I had to clean the mess and mop up the water and do more laundry.
I'm laughing and he is crying and saying "Mommy, I so sorry ", But I just cant stop laughing to tell him it is OK.
It was just a funny day.
So I am back to the funny stories of everyday life.
More where that came from.
 ☮  Peace!  ☮

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