Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was such a fabulous day! My honey woke up early and took Tristan and they went and bought me stuff to make me breakfast and he bought me a balloon and a gold chain.

They let me sleep in and I woke up to "Mommy!" and my son's smiling face and my honey next to him! My son said "Mommy it's your birfday!"... So cute!

 He made me a fabulous breakfast! Strawberry pancakes and Bacon. 
He cleaned the house from top to bottom, literally. That was my favorite gift by far :)

So today I have gotten the opportunity to relax and do absolutely nothing! He has treated me like a princess!

This has been me today! 
I am his princess and he is my prince! 
<3 <3

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend Get-A-Way

My Birthday Month... :)
So I have always been a spontaneous person, but since having a baby I have not been able to indulge in that... Well my chance came last Wednesday. 
My best friend lives in Kentucky and said she was going skiing and wanted us to come. Original plan was Paoli peaks in KY in a hotel that she was paying for. Then it changed to Gatlinburg TN (shorter drive too!) in a cabin in the mountains! So needless to say, I talked my honey into it :)
So we left Friday night and arrived to a beautiful cabin in the mountains. 

Spent some time in the hot tub, (the water was a little hot at first) 

The next day we hit the slopes. Mind you I have NEVER seen snow for real. 
This is Marci, Shay(her hubby), Jacob (my honey) and me. 

We skii'd, we laughed, we fell and then Marci hurt herself but it was so much fun! I only get to see her about once a year so it was so wonderful to go and spend some quality time with her. 
We went home had some drinks, grilled some steaks and played alot of pool. Along with Shay peeing out the window... Look out below!!
The next day we went to a place called Wonderworks. 
There was a lot of neat stuff there. There was this tunnel you walk through and the walls are spinning around and it made me very sick :(  

Before that we had gone to a little theme park along the way and there was this ride that I have always waned to go on but I have a very LARGE fear of heights... So I tried beating it... 

Yes that would be me and Jacob... a "few" hundred feet in the air... upside down!

It was so much fun, scary as hell though I will not lie. 

Ha ha posing for the camera... liked the clothes, not sure about the face I am making :)

But I think it was THEE best trip I have had in quite a while. 
Soo many pancake houses there though. Which was good when we wanted breakfast at noon, since McDonalds does not serve breakfast after 10 (Which I think is so dumb by the way). 
But we had such a good time. 

Me and my Bestie!!
Yes, me goin down the slopes :) Weeee

Then for my Birthday present I wanted to go to the zoo with my family. Me, Jacob and my baby boy. 

We saw monkeys, and tigers, and bears. 
My son had a close encounter with a giraffe

He thought it was so funny though watching the monkeys pick their boogers, then eating them....ew!!! 

It has been such a wonderful week. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful life right now! 
Tomorrow I am going to an old friends for dinner at her mom's house. She lives in North Carolina so it will be really nice to see her. 

Well that is all for now. Just a little update. 
Time to go ni-night :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

"Not Alone"- Linkin Park

I just LOVE Linkin Park... I just think some of their songs are so beautiful... they just cut right to the point... This is a new song they did for the "Donate for Haiti CD" Which you can go on the site and download it for yourself too...  This is just one of the many uplifting songs on the CD... Sometimes we all need a little something to lift us up and make us feel a little bit better after a hard day... and for me Linkin Park is easy to listen to... well most of their new stuff... I just really enjoy it.

"Not Alone"- Linkin Park

I break down, fear is sinking in The cold comes, racing through my skin
Searching for a way to get to you
Through the storm you...

Go, giving up your home Go, leaving all you've known
You are not alone

With arms up stretched into the sky With eyes like echos in the night
Hiding from the hell that you've been through Silent one, you...

Go, giving up your home  Go, leaving all you've known
You go, giving up your home  Go, leaving all you've known
You are not alone You go, giving up your home
Go, leaving all you've known

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days of Change

So lately I have had the thought of cutting my hair off... Something like chin length. I have had it before and I think I want it again. But I am not sure if I have the guts to cut off 2-3 years of hair growth... My hair does not grow like a weed.
I am just the type that always has to have a change. NO matter the cost :)
Not sure how Jacob will feel about it. He likes it longer, I am tired of ripping my hair out when I brush it... Thank you to the girl who highlighted/melted my hair off. 
No matter what I do, I cant get it back to normal so why not just cut it. 
On a lighter note, I will be traveling to KY after this quarter is up... in another 5 weeks... *sigh*
Never goes by fast enough. 
But it will be fun. Not sure yet if Jacob is going.... Probably not, which will suck. :(
But a nice vacation is in order for me. 
And this month is my first Valentines day with my sweetheart. And it is also my birthday month :-)
So this shall be a fun month. 
A lot of things to look forward to. 
Ok time to work on school... 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A mother's worst fear...

So there are some things that every mother fears. There are 3 words that can bring anger at the moment and tears later that night...  It usually happens to all mothers... At least someday. 
And my day just so happened to be today. 
The 3 words I dread, I hate you. 
Yes, my three year old son, told me he hates me. 
It was nap time, and had been an early morning, and we were heading upstairs to go ni-night. 
Well he decides he wants cheese, I said later. And the tears started flowing. So I said son no, go potty it is time to take a nap. And he says "Mommy I'm mad I hate you" Waaaahhhhh....
SoI say what did you say, because I am thinking to myself, there is no way this kid just said this to me. And he says I dunno. Finally get him to tell the truth... So I yelled, got mad, layed him down in bed and then walked in the bathroom where I saw the soap. 
So I walked back into his room and made him taste it and told him the next time he ever, ever says that to me or ever talks back to me, 
He will eat soap. 
So now needless to say, he has a little fear of soap. 
Hopefully this doesn't become one of those weird fears that grown up's have that they remember from their past and he just cant understand why he is so afraid of soap because then I might feel bad. 
So yah, that was my fun day. 
Where do kids learn these things??
I know I dont ever say that. I have never said it to him or to anyone else around him. And he just pops out with it all of a sudden. He kept saying from his friend but the kid has been out of daycare for months now... 
Oh boy.