Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days of Change

So lately I have had the thought of cutting my hair off... Something like chin length. I have had it before and I think I want it again. But I am not sure if I have the guts to cut off 2-3 years of hair growth... My hair does not grow like a weed.
I am just the type that always has to have a change. NO matter the cost :)
Not sure how Jacob will feel about it. He likes it longer, I am tired of ripping my hair out when I brush it... Thank you to the girl who highlighted/melted my hair off. 
No matter what I do, I cant get it back to normal so why not just cut it. 
On a lighter note, I will be traveling to KY after this quarter is up... in another 5 weeks... *sigh*
Never goes by fast enough. 
But it will be fun. Not sure yet if Jacob is going.... Probably not, which will suck. :(
But a nice vacation is in order for me. 
And this month is my first Valentines day with my sweetheart. And it is also my birthday month :-)
So this shall be a fun month. 
A lot of things to look forward to. 
Ok time to work on school... 

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