Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's chocolate?!?

Every morning here starts the same. The only thing that is different is the ungodly hour that my son wakes me up at.
Wake up, trudge out of bed and head down stairs. Brush teeth, go potty and work on breakfast.

Well that morning had the little difference that it occasionally does. The smell that somehow I didn't notice... he walks into the bathroom to go potty and well next thing I know I see his hand heading to his mouth... covered with a "chocolate coating"...??

Let me back up by saying that my son is normally pretty good about telling me when he has made a stinky... He is pretty good about going to the potty on his own...

So back to where we were, the chocolaty hand... I yell, he cries, and the "chocolate" is now on his leg, the toilet seat, the wall and of course his butt.... But the good part is that it is not on his face or (eegash) in his mouth. But of course the line of expletives come out here as I am cleaning him and the bathroom, "ew, BLANK, gross, BLANK, nasty!"

The thought never occured to him that he hadn't woke up with a chocolaty surprise but a diaper full of BLANK.

Another moment of "What the BLANK!?!"

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