Thursday, November 26, 2009


So I am going to change it up a little today... No blanking... Or at least I will try...
I have come to realize how very Thankful I am for so many things. 

Today my boyfriend went into his store and there is this old man who sits there everyday, sleeps in his truck and just tries to survive. He never asks for anything. Never asks Jacob for anyone for money or food or beer. So my boyfriend handed him 4 dollars, it was all he had on him at the time, and said "Happy Thanksgiving" and the man started crying and said "Thank you. I am a weepy old man but you just broke my heart and made my Thanksgiving!". He was so grateful for 4 dollars... 

So I remembered every time I have ever felt sorry for myself or helpless and now I will remember this man that is thankful for 4 dollars. How much can you get with 4 dollars? A candy bar? A pack of gum? A soda? A gallon of milk? Really think about it... 
So Jacob saved food from our wonderful Turkey dinner and brought him a plateful of Thanksgiving food. And that is his Thanksgiving. 

So just when you think times are rough remember that story... Remember this story of the little old man who ate his Thanksgiving dinner in front of a gas station. What would 4 dollars give you? 

I am thankful for:
My son!
My family. 
The fact that I am able to wake up each morning healthy and alive along with my son. 
The ability to have warm water, heat for the cold, AC for the heat and a roof over our heads. 
A pantry full of food. 
A comfortable bed for myself and my son. 
Toys for my child. 
The extras of internet and cable. 
A car. 
Enough money to put presents under the tree. 
The love of my son and my boyfriend! 

What are you thankful for?

I Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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