Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to blank off...

My idea for this came from a night where I couldn't sleep... 
I was laying in bed trying to sleep and well I have what the Dr's call "restless leg syndrome". Basically my legs tell me "blank off, you can't sleep!"

You see, I have a 3 year old... so I try to keep the expletives down to a minimum. We as parents are always able to come up with funny words to cover up the bad word... "Oh, cheese and rice!" "Oh, shishkabobs!". 
But lets be real, who wants their little boy or girl to go to school saying, "Damnation, I hurt my toe!" ??

So this is it. Anytime you have been cut off in traffic, cussed out your coffee table or said a loud word at the sign of a wall that your young child pretended to be Monet with his own... well you probably know the drill. This is where you can share your stories... Maybe someone else has had the same experience as you have and would like a good laugh. 

So let it out, go ahead and BLANK OFF!

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