Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Time.

So this year I have been quite the slacker... I have not put up a tree or any lights... the neighbors put some lights around our apartment but I have not done anything. My reasoning behind this is not that I am a bah-hum-bug but we have such a smaller area now with our apt that I have wanted to wait until next Christmas when I could really go all out. I know, that is really selfish... if it makes any difference I had my son color a Christmas tree....
I have just been in a little bit of a slump...

My Mimi died 3 years ago and lately I have been thinking alot about her. The other day I was at my Papa's house and I asked him about her ring... what ever happened to it. He didn't know. I had always wanted that ring to have when I was married and to pass down... and I know that is so selfish but well needless to say he doesn't know where it is and doesn't know who has it. So it kind of bummed me out because I dont want to ask any of my family about it... whoever has it wanted it and probably would not have any sympathy for my wants...
So I have just been kind of down about the lot of it.

But this Christmas is one of my favorites because I have someone who loves me and wants to be with me.

So needless to say I am happy. And loved.

Just the thoughts for the day...

R.I.P Mimi. I miss you and love you!

This is me, my little sister, My mommy (R.I.P) and my Mimi (R.I.P.)
I miss these days.

Goodnight all. Merry Christmas.

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