Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's snowing?!?

Today was a pretty laid back and interesting day... 
My son does his "business" in the potty like a big boy... YAY! (We have been struggling with a part of that #2 potty thing...) So that was a wonderfully good step!!
Then it is nap time... he was sleeping kind of late so I went upstairs to go wake him up and first of all I was hit by this terrible smell... then I take a look at what I see and it looks like it has snowed in his room... 
So I wake him up, clean him up give him a bath and all that jazz and walk back into his room to assess the damage.... He took the time and effort and destuffed a pillow... and it was ALL over his room... for real? At first I thought he had pulled it out of his comforter and after some investigating realized it was this arm pillow... So I made him stuff his pillow back. He thought this was a game! While he is talking to himself and laughing I am standing there a little peeved that he thinks it is just fun and games. He takes the time to pull it out and the funny part to me was that he had to put it all back in but he didn't care. What the blank was he thinking?!?
The things kids do... 
Gotta love it. 
Another day in the life of me! 

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