Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Candle Making

So today i got started on making my candles. 
I had a lot of left over wax around the house and decided it was time to stop buying candles and put some old ones to use. 

So I dug all the candles out and separated them to have the same colors in the jars. 
This was my original intent. 

So I started burning the first candle. Well I didn't have as much wax as I thought I did so I let it harden a little. While it was hardening I was melting the other colors to add on top... 
I had to make my own double boiler so I just used a larger can and filled it with water and put a smaller pot so that it was sitting half in the water and half out. I boiled the water so it got mostly steam to melt. 

I then put the wax in the bottoms of the holders using a tacky wax. It worked well but one of them came out so I had to make sure I pushed them in pretty hard. 
I forgot to find sticks to tie the wicks on so I had to use pens :) Just to make sure the wax stood up straight. 

I made about 6 candles and did 2 different colors in all of them. 
Some of them are in fogged glasses so you can't really tell the colors... 

 This is purple wax on bottom, light blue on top. 

 Same color different lighting

 This one is light blue on bottom and green on top. 
                                                    You really can't see in this picture, foggy glass. 

Here you can see it better in a clear glass. 

 This is the blue and green dried. 

 Same picture as above, just looks darker. 

Then just for some grins and giggles... 
This is how my son dressed himself this morning... all on his own... He sure has good taste, must get it from his mama :)

 Cheesing away....

 Making a goofy face. 

And this is how he dressed himself this afternoon, again all on his own... 

He likes to take pictures by the stairs so he can put his arm out ;-)

(Oooh look at that messy basket... it is a show basket and my son threw that bag in...  So sweet of him )

Well I am done for tonight. 
Going to get some more stuff to make my own candles and some more mosaic candles. 

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