Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Classes are out for 2 weeks.

So I FINALLY finished my classes for this quarter so now I have a nice 2 week break. Phew. I was going crazy with these classes. It was really starting to wear me down. But now I have changed my major so I will be a lot happier. . . I was doing Accounting financial management but I knew if I went through with this I would never go with my real dream. Psychology. 

Right now the school I am at does not have a Psychology so for my Associate's degree I am going to be doing Criminal Justice specialization in Psychology. Then for my Bachelor's I will go for straight psychology specialization in child's psychology. 

So anyways now that I will have a few weeks of time on my hands I have decided to start doing more in the house.  Laundry and all that jazz. Also we have so many candles in the house that are done but still have lots of wax left so I am going to go and buy some wicks and make my own candles. Maybe I will try to make them all different colors... not sure if that will work though:) 
So that will be my little home project for this week. 

I will need some ideas for something new next week. 

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