Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon Release

This has been interesting trying to change my background and all of that jazz... 

So yesterday I had my wisdom tooth removed. So I have been a little incapacitated... 
Well The New Moon DVD came out at midnight and a friend of mine went and picked me up a copy of it from Walmart. Well we then found out it had none of the extra's such as deleted scenes. 
So we found one at Target since they ALL offer different versions of the movies, so I ordered it on there. 
Come to find out my boyfriend had been planning on going to Walmart and buying it for me... but since I had someone else do it, it saved him the trouble :)
I am just amazed every day at how very blessed I am. 
I have an amazing boyfriend who treats me like a queen. 
He lets me do all my silly crafts even if I give up and leave a huge mess. 
He doesn't complain when I sing loudly in his ear in the car like a goof. Or when I sing in the shower. 
Not that it is bad but I like to goof off and be loud and goofy. And he loves it. 

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